Tip On Buying Boots

If you live in the right area of the USA and you want to buy or try on some cowboy boots, head to the Hispanic/Latino area of your city. They will have western clothing stores with a large selection of boots. For example, if you are in Chicago, head to Ukranian Village (which, ironically, has a large Hispanic population), and check out Alcala.

If you find boots that you love, buy them. If you think they are too expensive, at least now you know what size you need, and you can look for some used boots on ebay.

Cowboy boots come in a VERY wide range of sizes, and most brands aren’t uniform across these. So the same rules apply when shopping for regular boots, make sure to understand how one brand fits vs. the other before buying.

These are my observations: 1/3 “Western” as MFA says it, or 1/3 hicks as I saw it. I can’t advise anyone to go down this path in hopes of trying to be ahead on the work-wear trends.

  1. Almost nobody wears cowboy hats. You’d better live or work on a ranch (and let it be really obvious) if you want to wear one of these. Otherwise you’re going to look like the asshole who came from California to try to be a cowboy.
  2. Thin flannels are much more popular than the thicker ones. In fall and winter, flannel jackets are chosen over hoodies. Most wouldn’t wear any but the first and last of the shirts you posted. Big flannel shirts are only seen on those who buy them because of their discounted prices.
  3. People who dress this way don’t generally dress this way because they see it on TV and think it is glamorous. It is incredibly functional and durable. Western styled clothing has a tendency to not need constant washing.
  4. Slim, straight-cut, light-washed jeans with tucked in t-shirts are popular. For bonus points, add a camouflage cap with a hunting brand and very bent bill.
  5. Chewing tobacco fades in back pocket.
  6. Nobody would wear a fringed jacket. I’ve never seen anyone wear a Mackinaw jacket. The denim jackets are worn larger than how MFA would advise. Heather grey pullover hoodies with logos from Rodeos and high school sports teams are super common. Usually with camo hats.
  7. Hicks who are all-in wear boots.

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