Proper Attire

I see this asked from time to time on my stroll around the web. People want the cowboy look. The cowboy feel. But they don’t know how. And the truth is, you can’t get that genuine feel because to be a “cowboy” you need to live the life. Or at least work outside and wear your things in.

But, I regress.

You can get that look.

Justin boots would probably be your best bet, things to note about cowboy boots, not every pair will fit the same, even of the same model. I would highly highly suggest going to an actual store to try them on first. even at the store when you try a pair on you may notice one is looser than the other, that’s because its been tried on several times and has loosened up.

so find a pair you like and try them on. they either fit or dont, there’s not a, they’ll break in etc etc. Yes they will break in and be more comfortable but if they don’t fit right from the start they’ll never fit right.

The should fit pretty snug when you first get them, they should not be loose as theyll loosen up a bit with time. when you trying new boots on, grab both sides and slide your foot in, you should feel a pop when your foot goes in, that the first sign of a possible good fit. second is to make sure the throat of the boot is pretty snug. but the toe box should not cramp your toes.

the next thing is the heel of the boot, there’s twoish kinds, the kind in your picture that has a higher heel, or a lower heel. Think the term is roper heel and western heel. but you get the point. Personal preference of look and feel…

there’s also a couple different soles, you have the tennis shoe kind such as ariats, the classic leather sole, and there are some that are hybirds with leather sole and rubber spots for grip or w.e. the purpose. I would suggest going with just the classic leather sole. just keep it simple but dont be afraid to just try on a pair of boots to get a feel of the difference.

toe box, Square toe I personally like, but round toe is the classic, do not, i repeat do not buy pointed toe boots. the classic country look does not involve the pointiest boots you can find unless your south of the border.

next for jeans…. you can go two routes.. the classic wrangler cowboy look, or a more fashion side modern jeans.The two basic brands would be wrangler and levis. I would suggest sticking to a slim or straight, not boot cut. there are some slim boot cuts that may look ok, but typically i think they flair out too much.

now with that being said even in wrangler, and some of the more notorious cowboy brands, they have there work jeans and there going out jeans. either will look fine for the most part, but if you go to the store and look you can most likely find something on the more fashionable side of the spectrum that you can wear more then once that will fit into your wardrobe and look good. go for a darker wash. And your jeans should have a small amount of stacking but keep it on the light side of things in terms of length.

and of course a leather belt, fancy buckle optional.

key notes just because you buy cheaper boots doesn’t mean they shouldn’t fit right, just have to try different ones, of course the more you spend the better fit and fancier you get.

I would not suggest buying used boots off ebay since you’ve never really worn boots before, you could wind up with something that doesnt fit well at all

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