I’d Be Going To A Wedding, A Cowboy Wedding

Well, seems that my brother’s step-daughter’s getting married. And now you know what that means. A big get together, not just with his family, his wife’s, family, and the family of the groom, but the groom’s step-father’s family. Well, if that isn’t a whole bunch of people. I mean a normal wedding, that’s one of those with two families coming together. This one is a real giant of a get together. Four families. Count’em.

Got the country wedding invitation in the mail the other day. I say “country” because they got that rustic charm. You know what I mean. The one where you can practically smell the cow dung hanging on them.

What struck me as odd was that she choose to include a message to all of the guests, all of ’em, that she wanted them in cowboy boots.

Now for me, this is fine.

For me, I’d actually enjoy a chance to break out my dress cowboy boots.

But I do not think it’s okay for a bride to ask grown adults (especially ones who are not in the wedding party) to buy and wear special shoes. LITERALLY NO ONE will care about the moms’ and grandmas’ feet. “My vision includes everyone walking down the aisle in cowboy boots!” sounds like the most childish and immature statement of all time. And I’m from the south and see cowboy boots all day, everyday.

Sure, ask for guests to wear country themed attire to match the event…but to ask other guests to fork out for expensive new boots they don’t like? Plus, cowboy boots are damn expensive, even the cheap ones! And super stiff and uncomfortable unless you have taken the time to properly broken them in. Myself, I’m a man who rides horses, and I know too well the painful blisters from new leather boots.

I’d say something like, Sweetheart, I know you’re excited ’bout this part of your wedding and the processional. We’d feel a lot more comfortable if we could wear our own shoes instead of boots. I almost feel as though if she wants us to wear them so badly, then she can finance them (though I pity my brother on this one). Its a bit selfish to request guests buy something so expensive that you will never wear again and that you are uncomfortable and awkward in. I’d wanted my guests to feel comfortable and themselves, that’s why when I got married I wanted everyone to come as they were. That means no suites, and what have you. If they wanted to dress-up, then do it, if not. Well, me and the misses weren’t going to hang you.

It’s meant to be a fun and love filled celebration, not a styled shoot where the minor details become more important than the people wearing them. If she wants to wear them, then that’s awesome – it’s her special day after all. Bridal party, no worries. But making everyone else wear special shoes is over the top. Saying it’s her ‘culture’ is ridiculous.

After a bad wedding experience where the bride (my father’s sister who got married for the second time in her late 40s in a tiara) told my entire family what UNDERWEAR was and was not allowed (no, in case you were asking, we weren’t part of the wedding. just guests), I am firmly in the camp of NOT wanting to tell people what to wear. I was ten and thought that the old bat had fallen off her rocker. And in protest I DID NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR.

We’ll see how this goes. I’m expecting a bit of hit and miss, mostly people with the boots will oblige but that is it.

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