Boots Make The Man Fit

There is one thing about wearing cowboy boots when you ain’t on a horse. On a horse you fit. But that can’t be said when you are out and about. Not when you don’t take consideration and pick the right boot.

There’s a big difference between buying for looks and buying for function – I’m assuming you’re just wanting something to throw on with a pair of jeans.

I would start with roper boots. A little less glam, a little less Roy Rogers. In Texas, the wildly ostentatious boot is, of course, popular. But from my perspective, they’re like Sex in the City high heels. Just too vain. But that’s not how it works in Texas.

Roper boots tend to be pretty unadorned, but their profile is unmistakably cowboy. Because they are understated, you don’t have to wonder whether you’re “all hat and no cattle.”

I like the look of Justin ropers. If you can find vintage Mason Western ropers, those are good too.

I wouldn’t recommend wing tip, although some guys prefer it. The more exotic the material, the more expensive it will be. If you’re not going to wear them often, getting something less expensive with a cushioned sole is a good option.

I’m a big fan of Ariats for the ladies. I’ve owned Dan Posts and Justins, too. All three are affordable, durable boots.

I would highly recommend going somewhere to try them on. Boots can tear your feet apart if they don’t fit well which does not make for a fun night.

If you take care of them, cowboy boots can outlast you. Let me know if you have any more questions – I’m happy to help.

Maybe, I’ll do a write up ’bout boots someday.

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